Cancellation Policy

  • The Buyer cannot cancel the order, once the item is shipped from the seller’s destination point.
  • The buyer can cancel the order within the time frame of placed order in and shipping time.
  • If item is out of stock, the will convey the same to the buyer. In this case, the buying order will be automatically cancelled and same will be messaged through the email or text message.

Refund Policy

  • The buyer will get the refund amount within 48 hours ( working hours of office time ) only through online banking once he/she cancelled the order.
  • Buyer has to check the product infront of our delivery boy. If the buyer find any discrepancy   ( as mentioned in Replacement Policy ), he/she should immediately inform our delivery boy.      In such case, item can be replaced if the same seller has the stock of that product. Otherwise buyer will be refunded.
  • Refunded amount cannot be processed to third party account. The details of the customer on in  account should match with the name of the bank account holder.

Replacement Policy

Free replacement can be requested if the following conditions apply :

  • If item received is defective.
  • If item received does not work properly.
  • If item received is physically damaged.
  • If item received has missing part or accessories.
  • If item received is different from their description on item detail page on
  • Buyer has to check the items infront of our delivery boy. If the buyer find any discrepancy( as mentioned above)In the item , he/she should immediately inform our delivery boy. Once delivery boy left the delivered spot, will not the liable for replacement of item.
  • If an item is out of stock from the same seller, in case of replacement, it cannot be replaced. Only a refund against the refunded item will be issued.


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