Our mission is to provide a one-stop platform for businesses to do business from anywhere. Nagpur Mart aims to help small businesses by leverage innovation to grow and expand more effectively in the local and global economies.


Nagpur Mart was established with an objective to enable small and medium enterprises to transform the way they sell, market, and improve their business sales and growth.

Why sell on Nagpur Mart?

  • Your next big selling channel

Start selling on Nagpur Mart and grow your business locally and globally.

  • Reach thousands of customers

Sell to your engaged customer without any hassle.

  • Sell direct-to-consumer with Nagpur Mart

Meet the modern consumer expectations with digital innovation. Let your customers enjoy a fast-paced delivery of their products at their doorsteps.

  • Own your consumer relationship

Expand your market leveraging the strong eCommerce functionality of Nagpur Mart. Develop personalized customer relationships and experiences for long-term loyalty.

  • Your B2B and B2C agency

We help you build a beautiful online store for your business that helps to streamline your B2B operations. Take your business to the next level with Nagpur Mart. 

How to sell on Nagpur Mart?

Steps for small enterprises, independent business owners to register their venture on Nagpur Mart:

Step 1: Register and set up a seller account for your business on Nagpur Mart

Step 2: List all your product for selling online

Step 3: Kick-start your business online

Step 4: Customers & businesses will place orders for your products

Step 5: Deliver your product to the customer.

Step 6: You get paid according to the sales of your product. 

Opportunities for businesses: 

Nagpur Mart provides a platform to thousands of sellers and businesses to advertise their products and services to reach new customers across the globe and grow their business. We provide the essential technological infrastructure for enterprises, brands, and other businesses to utilize the power of technology to engage with their customers in a more efficient way. We aim to create a culture for championing small businesses. Nagpur Mart provides consumers, merchants, and small enterprises an opportunity to prosper. We believe that a strong spirit of entrepreneurship, a sense of shared values, and a consistent focus to meet customer’s requirements enables us to maintain a culture of growth and community.

Nagpur Mart provides a lot of opportunities for your business to reach your customers.

  • Sell to Indian customers
  • Sell locally in your city
  • Sell globally

From selling locally to globally, start selling and expand your business. Do business the easier way with Nagpur Mart.

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